Sothys Paris x Tenaka

Tenaka is a Social and Solidarity Economy company that contributes to the regeneration of coral reefs in marine protected areas in the Coral Triangle, the epicentre of the world's marine biodiversity.


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Tenaka means "action of working together / synergy" in Maori.

Tenaka has been working to restore coral reefs, degraded by human impacts, in the heart of Marine Protected Areas, in Malaysia since 2018 and in the Indian Ocean since 2021.

Coral nurseries, made from sustainable, locally produced materials, are used to reconnect patches of degraded reef to restore their resilience. T?naka collaborates with scientific divers and local communities to respect the natural genetic diversity of the reefs and ensure monthly scientific monitoring of restored coral reefs over the long term.

Their most ambitious restoration programme, in terms of surface area, is about to begin in the Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area in Indonesia.

Example of a coral nursery, one year after implantation.


On the ground, in the Malaysian peninsula, a reef is being restored on behalf of Sothys in the heart of this Marine Protected Area.

Sothys is a partner of Tenaka because restoring marine habitats is an essential solution for preserving and regenerating the ocean.

Coral nursery of Sothys.



Coral reefs are the epicentre of the world's marine life.

They are home to 30% of the world's marine biodiversity while occupying less than 0.2% of the ocean (NOAA 2019).
Restoring coral reefs is the key to protecting and preserving critically important and endangered wildlife, while helping coastal communities adapt to the climate crisis.

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